Published Works

The fictive viking saga "Lue" was published in May 2018, and it is the first book of "The Woodcutter's Saga". The second book "Eldur" is scheduled for late 2018.


"Lue" stretches over 356 pages plus an extensive appendix describing old Norse lore and mythology, as well as a character gallery. The book also holds 14 full-page illustrations, some of them are displayed in the artwork section.

The story is written as a collaboration between my mother (who is an educated storyteller) and myself (who is just a very nerdy person with a passion for stories).


"Lue" is a historical novel taking place in Denmark around 950 AD.

The characters in "Lue" are fictional, but the locations and description of the world, are as authentic as possible. To ensure the applied knowledge is historically correct, numerous archeologists, historians, museumworkers and re-enactors have been part of the writing proces.


A thorough review by the lector Jens Aage Poulsen can be read here. Both the book and the review are in Danish, but we will try and work on a translation to both English and German, if the interestest is substantial enough.


"Sagaen om Mom" ("Mom" is the name of the protagonist - which was chosen for us).

It was published in October 2015, and was the debut for both my mother and me as authors.

The book contains 303 pages plus an extensive appendix with descriptions of old Norse lore and mythology. It also holds 20 full-page illustrations, some of which can be seen in the artwork section.

We received a few, though very good reviews, and the first edition sold out within a few months. Below is a review of the lector Jens Aage Poulsen.

Upcoming Projects

Book two of "The Woodcutter's Saga" is titled "Eldur", which means flame or fire in icelandic and old norse (Norrønt). The manuscript is almost ready for proofreading, and I've already done a fair amount of the artwork, so the book should be published in late 2018.


"Sigurd's Magical Sword" is a fully illustrated easy-read children's book. It has been in the works for a long time now, but other projects have just over-taken it, so it's been postponed several times.

The first book should be ready some time in 2019.

This Dungeons & Dragons project still has to be named, but the world is coming to life as you read this, since I use the world for a group of adventurers im GM'ing (Game Mastering).

The setting will feature a huge and detailed world, where thing's aren't as black and white, as most fantasy settings are used to. This is/will also be visible in the pantheon where there are no "good" or "evil" gods, only powerful beings fighting amongst themselves for power, influence and/or balance.