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Thorkild Skov


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Hi there, glad you dropped by.

My name is Thorkild Skov (1985) and I’m a self-taught illustrator and writer. I had almost turned 25 before I started drawing serisouly, and was closing in on 30 before I took up writing. But ever since I fell down the creative world's rabbit hole, I’ve never considering crawling back up, even though at times the road has been rough.

In the galleries you can see the different projects I’ve worked on so far, as well as a few sneak-peeks on what’s to come.

Prices can of course be discussed depending on the amount of details, type of project etc.  But check my basic priceguide to get an idea.

Should you have any questions, ideas or projects you would like to discuss, feel free to drop me a mail.

***Important Note***
I sometimes forget to check my inbox for a few days, but I try to get better at that. Should I fail to respond within a handfuld of days, please send a reminder, or kick me a few times until I do ;)